Please arrive 30-45 minutes ahead of your session to take care of make-up and hair touch-ups, and get your game face on.

Relax, have some water and chill out. We’ll chat; I’d love to hear about your interests and what livens up your day. Then we’ll review the clothing options you have and make some initial selections.

You’ll also tell me five things you like about your face! I understand that some people might feel a little worried about that—don’t be. In fact, you are coming to a professional who can not only help you to see those great characteristics and will bring out your very best  for others to see also.

Then we’ll go over what we’ll be doing during our shoot. Don’t want to tip my hand, so we’ll save it for your session. But don’t worry; it’ll be fun!

I will coach you during the shooting process, make adjustments, and get the best angle and lighting that works for you.

We’ll have a live review of your images during and after and narrow down the choices for that perfect image.

And that’s pretty much it. Painless and fun! I want you to leave the session feeling awesome about yourself and knowing that you made the right choice for your headshot specialist and your future first impressions.

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