Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book the session?
Very simply! Hit the Book Your Session button or feel free to call me at (978)979-8052.

Do you have a studio?
Absolutely! I'm located at Mills 58 Peabody. You won't be visiting a "home studio" or shooting in my garage. It's not shared space, so there will be no scheduling conflicts. My well-appointed studio (bathroom/changing area) is there for your convenience. Typically, I'm open every day! But if you want to shoot at 6 AM, I'll do it! Of course I love going on-location!

Can I send my daughter/son directly to see you?
Under 18 requires a guardian to be present.

What exactly is a "look?"
A look is your clothing, or maybe you come in scruffy and then want to trim for an additional look. Adding a tie or jacket isn't a big deal.

How do I prepare for the headshot session?
I will provide you with a PDF on being prepared for your session.

Can I wear jewelry to my session?
Some jewelry can be distracting. But if you want to, sure! Is it your signature look? Ear studs are fine. I just don't want to distract from your face.

How do you handle payments?
Invoices are paid 7 days in advance of your session. I accept Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Should I do my own make-up?
Well... you can. I prefer you use one of my awesome MUA/HMUA (Make Up Artists/Hair + Make Up Artists) as they know best how to apply for the shoot. I prefer that men not use that service, but if you wear makeup every day, then go for it!

Do you recommend getting a haircut before the shoot?
Maybe a week in advance to let the hair rest, but I wouldn't do anything drastic right before unless you're absolutely sure. A professional blowout is recommended for women not using one of my HMUAs.

What do you recommend for clothing?
Simple necklines, muted colors, and nothing frilly.

If I just wanted to get a casual shot , in addition to my professional shot, for other social media/dating websites, can we do it then?
Sure, why not! Additional retouched images may incur a charge.

Can I call you directly to discuss in advance?
I would most certainly welcome it!.

What if I need to reschedule?
Subject to availability. Day of the shoot will incur a $100 fee.

Anything else?
Call me!