You’re spending your hard-earned dollars to come see me and get the best image of you. Let’s make sure we properly prepare to make it right.

Is this photo for business? Acting? Dating? You’ll want to take that into consideration in order to dress appropriately for that impression. Dress for a meeting, an interview or an audition, or perhaps you have a variety of purposes and are going for several looks.

Let’s not detract from you. Clothing must be on point. Fairly new is good. Pressed and well-fitted, but not tight or restrictive; boxy/oversize will not flatter. Keep the colors solid and muted, softer tones. Bring a few options with you. Choose things that make you look great and feel comfortable, and we can work together for just the right look. (click here for an idea on necklines).

As for jewelry, small or even none. For example, earring studs are fine. Those big gold chains...not so much, unless you’re hip-hop and it’s a signature style. Then let’s rock them!

Consultation is highly recommended and the best thing--it’s free!

While typically it’s better if men don’t wear make-up, if you wear it everyday, then go for it! My HMUA/MUA’s are awesome.

Should you get a haircut? Don’t go over the top changing hairstyles unless you’re absolutely 100% positive it’s going to work. Have it done at least a week in advance to give it an opportunity to relax a bit.

If using one of my HMUAs, arrive with your basic hair style so she/he knows what you prefer. No need for guessing. Well-groomed is best groomed!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! No alcohol for at least three days leading up to the event. No need for puffy eyes or being bloated. You are investing in yourself and your future, and we want to maximize the benefit you’ll receive from our session.