That first impression. The uniqueness that is you. You have a lot to gain in having a polished image that shows approachability,  confidence and a lookability that embodies .... you!

You have but seconds to make an initial impression influencing whether or not someone is willing to consider working with you, or even if they like you. So ask yourself: is your image holding you back? Are you losing opportunities due to your headshot or profile image? Is it helping you or is it hindering you?

I personally know several recruiters who check candidates’ social media, and of course, their profile photo.

You need a headshot that shows who you really are.  If your few seconds to make that online first impression aren’t helping you, I’ve got more than a few seconds to help you to fix that!  Then when you meet the casting director or the interviewer for that once-in-a-lifetime job, they already have a good feeling about you.

I believe every face is photogenic and tells a story.  Trust me to coach you to get the best you that you have ever seen.  We’ll create a partnership to get the best results and create an image that captures the essence of who you are.

Your face, your heritage, your DNA is an image. Your fingerprint is an identifier.
Your face is also, and we need to show the world!