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Where shall I begin? I’m a former Purchasing Executive. But things weren’t always all business.

I had been into theatre in high school (not bragging, but Best Actor 1976) and also in college (minor at UMB), where I had first wanted to learn lighting. Thinking that I may not make much cash, I transferred into Management.

I have had the opportunity to travel the world. I've been on the Great Wall of China 6 times, but for all my travels, I had nothing to show for it! It was just before our move to Singapore as an ex-pat that photography came into my life. In 2012, my daughter needed a new camera for college. So like any good dad, I bought her a new camera, and also being a lucky dad, I got her hand-me-down. Thus began my new adventure. I started shooting Crossfit competitions and landscapes, and upgraded my equipment as I got better. So why headshots? Why people??

Singapore turned out to be a nice launching spot to hit other parts of Asia for short vacations. It was on a trip to Cambodia where we hooked up with a Dutch photographer to see the sites. I mentioned that I wanted to see the non-touristy spots, get away from the crowds and see how people worked and lived. As beautiful as the environment was, what most impressed me were the people.  To my surprise, I ended up photographing people. Lots of people. And even more people. I became very interested in the human face and how we emote as individuals, and the impression one gets in a split second of that interaction.

We returned home to the Boston area from Singapore in late 2014.

In 2015, I had a growing desire once again to learn about lighting the face, and searched the internet for something in that area. And that’s when I met Peter Hurley and attended his Headshot Intensive workshop in NYC. Through that network I’ve met and learned from many photographers across the globe. That’s also where the desire to return to my “artsy” side came into play and when I decided to begin a second career that was distinctly different from the first. I’ve been very fortunate to make a decent living as an executive but now is the time for a change.

I’ve come full circle - visual arts to business and back to visual arts, and I've brought these skills together for you, my client, to deliver the best photo of you that you have ever had.