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Your social media profile picture is your first impression to the world. Whether you're trying to get the job, land the promotion, or even win the date, your profile picture could propel you into the life you want or hold you back.

A selfie never takes you where you deserve to go. If you want to be considered likable, approachable, and trustworthy, you need coaching from a professional headshot photographer.

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Don't settle for mediocre headshots because you're convinced that you aren't photogenic.


I make the camera disappear, helping your facial muscles to relax, and giving you a unique, authentic headshot—the best "you" you have ever seen.


One-of-a-Kind Studio Experience

Relax in a fully-equipped studio ready to capture outstanding headshots near Boston.


Know What to Do

You'll never be able to say you're not photogenic again.
I provide detailed coaching through the entire session.


Leave Confident

Never wonder if we got the shot.
We will select your best headshot together.


Congratulations! You’ve found the

best Boston headshot photographer

in the city.

As your personal


consultant, I am here to provide you with exceptional service
and high quality images that best reflect your brand strategy.

I help save you time and money by bringing the studio to you. With

on location headshots

, I work directly with
your team so that your company presents unity, consistency, and professionalism.


Norman Jaillet Photographer

I'm a

Boston area headshot photographer

and I love taking pictures of faces.

During my time as a Purchasing Executive, I spent three years working as an ex-pat in Singapore. With my daughter’s hand-me-down camera in tow, I started taking pictures. It wasn't the breathtaking scenery that captured my attention, it was the faces of the people.

Upon arrival back in Boston, I decided to establish a new career as a headshot photographer. I began to study studio lighting, facial expressions, and developed relationships with exceptional headshot photographers.

Often, my clients come in camera-shy and self-conscious. After a few minutes in the studio, the camera disappears and all that remains is a stunning, natural moment in time — the facial expressions that make you likable, approachable, and trustworthy.

Wherever you want to go in life, let me help you get there with a headshot that showcases who you are and where you're going.



We'll plan so we're never pressured by the clock.

Headshot Photoshoot


Experience a photoshoot you'll want to relive every year.

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Make a lasting first impression!



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Social media platforms are widely used to exchange ideas and information. Ensure that you are received as a recognized authority in your field.


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Norman Jaillet Photography is a full service headshot photography studio, conveniently located just outside of Boston. The studio is a stone's throw from major highways, the Northshore Mall, and historic Salem, Mass.

Norman Jaillet Photography also serves areas of Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and the metropolitan areas of Massachussets. No matter where you are on the Boston Northshore, Peabody is a short drive away.

The studio is located in the Mills 58 Building, which has plenty of parking to accommodate you. Updates to the area are underway and are expected to increase the number and quality of restaurants, pubs, and other commercial ventures. It's an exciting time for Peabody. Come visit with me, and I'll give you the grand tour!

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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions


Do I Need a Professional Headshot?

Heck yeah you do! Whether or not that image is on your company website, your LinkedIn profile or a dating website, your professionalism and refinement is closely tied to that image. A potential client, recruiter, casting director or suitor is most likely to agree to a meeting when you have a headshot that conveys your likability and trust. Professional headshots aren’t just for the C-suite or board of directors, but for everyone! Wouldn’t you prefer to see who you’re dealing with?

How Do I Prepare For My Session?

Once you schedule, I’ll send you my tips and prep material. By following the preparation guide, you’ll be totally ready to rock the session. It will include tips and address questions related to clothing, self-care, shaving, hair and styling, and what happens in the studio!

Do you Shoot On Location?

I’ll bring the studio to you! I need a space that is approximately 15’x15’, and a little time to arrange my equipment!


Do I Need A Make-up Artist?

Why leave anything to chance! Hey ladies, my hair and makeup person is great at what she does! We work as a team during this process to ensure we’re getting the best possible outcome for your session. It’s an added cost but well worth it! And gentlemen, I would suggest you not use this option unless you wear make-up on a regular basis.

Can I wear jewelry to my session?

Absolutely! But I recommend against it. It’s your session but I may ask you to remove the jewelry if I think it’s distracting. We’re here to capture you and only you, not the fantastic neckpieces that you wear for a night on the town! Studs are ok, big hoops, not so much! That being said, if you have a signature look that makes you recognizable, let’s discuss!

What Are Your Business Hours?

My normal business hours are 9AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday, and 9AM to 6PM on Saturdays and Sundays. I am flexible and will work around your schedule if you should require time outside of my normal business hours. Whether you need to shoot at 5AM, or even at Midnight, we’ll make it happen! If you need an appointment within 24 hours, just give me a call and I will do my best to accommodate you.