You are likable & trustworthy. Show it in one outstanding headshot.

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Many people settle for mediocre headshots because they've convinced themselves they're just not photogenic. 

I'll help the camera disappear, your facial muscles will relax, and you'll have your unique, authentic self captured in a headshot—the best "you" you've ever seen.


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One-of-a-Kind Studio Experience

Relax in a fully-equipped studio ready to capture outstanding headshots near Boston.

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Know What to Do

You'll never be able to say you're not photogenic again. I'll coach you through the entire session, you'll leave a natural.

Boston Professional Headshot Photography

Leave Confident

Never wonder if we got the shot. Before we leave, we'll choose your best headshot together.

I highly recommend Norman Jaillet photography! I had such a wonderful and easy experience. From the moment I walked in the door Norman made me feel at ease and very comfortable. I was so nervous having my headshot done as I’m rather camera shy. But Norman is very easy going and extremely patient. He knew exactly how to calm my nerves and make me laugh so he could truly capture the essence of ME. Not like some headshots that can look fake and too “portrait” looking. Norman by far is the best in the business!!
— Kara Maciorowski
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We'll plan so we're never pressured by the clock.

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Congratulations! You found one of the best Boston headshot photographers in the city.

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I am Boston’s Premier Headshot Photographer

I’ll make you stand out!

I work directly with corporate executives, business professionals, entrepreneurs, advertising agencies, and executive recruiting agencies so that you STAND OUT from your competition by showcasing you.

Anastasia M., Photo by Norman Jaillet Photography

Anastasia M., Photo by Norman Jaillet Photography

I had a great photo shoot with Norman! He made me feel very comfortable. He captured my personality in my headshots. He’s professional and fun! If you’re looking for great headshots for business, acting or to improve your image online book a session with Norman! He’s amazing!
— Anastasia M.

I love what I do. Before I meet someone face to face, I admit I do look them up on LinkedIn. A part of your best practices is to ensure the team looks presentable as they represent the company. It’s a game-changer.






Are you a Boston actor in need of a headshot?

I specialize in professional headshot photography for actors and actresses in the Greater Boston and New England area.

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Your Actor Headshot is your resume!

The curtain! The stage! The lights! Camera…ACTION!

The stage can be a lonely place. I acted back in the day and I was always so nervous about being cast. I know how it feels. Casting directors flip through headshot images faster than me running to be first in line for ice-cream. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. They’re looking for someone, a certain special someone, but they haven’t seen your best self. Don’t leave it to chance. And don’t leave it to a friend. We know you’re talented. SHOW IT in one great headshot! And if we’re portfolio building, I love doing headshot portrait work.

From the moment I walked into the studio...I knew this was going to be a shoot like no other. I literally had the time of my life shooting with Norman. Not only did I get the shots I wanted, but I had BLAST during the whole process.I left this shoot with head shots that are going to “Stand Out” among the crowd. Norman truly captured my true essence, and I am leaving this day more confident than before. Thank you so much Norman, you truly are a gift! I will see you again soon.
— Aaron W
Aaron W. - Norman Jaillet Photography

Aaron W. - Norman Jaillet Photography

Your actor headshot IS what makes you UNIQUE!

Are you what casting directors are looking for?

We work with theatre companies in the area. Let me help you get there. I look forward to helping you land that next big gig!

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Your social media profile picture is your first impression to the world. Whether you're trying to get the job, land the promotion, or even win the date, your profile picture could propel you into the life you want or hold you back.

A selfie never takes you where you deserve to go. If you want to be considered likable, approachable, and trustworthy, you need coaching from a professional headshot photographer.

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Deciding what to wear in your picture is hard. But we can help! Bring your favorite clothes with you and we'll choose the one that compliments you best. 

I'll also arrange for one of our professional hair stylists and makeup artists to help you get ready for your photography session.

Download the free guide with insider tips to help you prepare for the best headshot you’ve ever taken.
Norman Jaillet Photographer


I’m a Boston area headshot photographer and I love taking pictures of faces. 

During my time as a Purchasing Executive, I spent three years working as an ex-pat in Singapore. With my daughter’s hand-me-down camera in tow, I started taking pictures. But it wasn't the breathtaking scenery that captured my attention, it was the faces of the people.

Upon arrival back in Boston, I decided to establish a new career as a headshot photographer. So I studied studio lighting, facial expressions, and developed relationships with exceptional headshot photographers. 

Often, my clients come in camera-shy and self-conscious. After a few minutes in the studio, the camera disappears and all that remains is a stunning, natural moment in time—the facial expressions that make you likable, approachable, and trustworthy. 

Wherever you want to go in life, let me help you get there with a headshot that showcases who you are and where you're going.


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Do you have a studio?

Yes, I do! I'm located at Mills 58 in Peabody MA. You won't be visiting a "home studio" or shooting in my garage. It's not shared space so there will be no scheduling conflicts. My well-appointed 900 sq ft studio comes complete with bathroom and changing area for your comfort and convenience.

Should I do my own make-up?

Well... you can. I prefer you to use one of my awesome MUA/HMUA (Makeup Artists/Hair + Makeup Artists) as they know best how to apply for the shoot expertly. Please don't use make-up store cosmetic areas as while they may be useful for a night on the town, it doesn't translate well to headshots. I prefer that men not use make-up, but if you wear it every day, then go for it!

Do you offer discounts?

For three or more individuals on the same day in my studio … yes! Please inquire for details.

Will you shoot on-location?

Absolutely! Corporate and office headshots are a specialty. The studio is easily transportable to any location. Please inquire for a customized quote.

Can I wear jewelry to my session?

Some jewelry can be distracting. But if you want to, sure! Do you have a signature look? Black/white pearls or hoop earrings? Ear studs are fine. I just don't want to distract from your face.

What other photography services do you offer?

I’m a headshot and portrait guy. I think it’s important to specialize rather than generalize. I don’t photograph babies, weddings, real estate, products, etc. But if you require those services, I’d be glad to provide you with the names of some excellent photographers.