Have you ever had a 360 review??


When I was in the corporate world, for a while, it was a widespread exercise. You have the opportunity to review yourself, and then others have the chance to review you. Performance feedback is a great way to help you see yourself through another person’s eyes. Fortunately, for me, there was never a rude awakening. I had the mind of self-perception. I knew who I was and how I was performing/interacting with colleagues and superiors. My good friend and fellow photographer, Richard Waine, summed it up nicely. “It’s a genuine and honest person that looks inward … and outward.”

 Reflection on your self-image, or creating whom you want to be, isn’t as a daunting task as one might think. Do you dress appropriately for your profession? Do you act in the best interest of your clients and customers? Do you look the part? Your images on social media create an impression on others. Reflect that by having a commanding professional headshot and maybe, just maybe, invest in that branding session that screams who you are. I think businesses need to do a 360 and become aware of themselves and their teams. Consistent, professional images and headshots will help others see who you and your team are! It starts with us having a dialogue!