showcase the experts in your company

Present your Boston employees as likable & trustworthy with outstanding headshots. 


Great company Branding includes employee headshots.

Most companies settle for mediocre headshots of their employees and miss out on the opportunity to build trust and likability with customers. 

Corporate headshot studio

The Studio Comes to You

We'll bring all of the equipment to setup an in-office studio for minimal production disruption.

New Boston employee headshots

Consistent Images

Each new employee will have a consistent headshot no matter what day the picture was taken.

Boston Employee Head Shots

Give Confidence

Your employees will feel confident about their professional image. 

"I have had a few professional headshots done over the years and Norman, by far, provided the best results. I think the differentiator was Norman's ability to put me at ease and have the real me show through." Bailey Bishop
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What do your customers see when they check your employees profiles?

Customers check LinkedIn or other social media platforms to find an employee they’re working with. But most companies never consider how their employees headshots affect of their brand. 

Give your employees a headshot they want to display on their social media platforms so your company is always making a great first impression.

Boston Headshots



We’ll arrange a day to setup
our in-office studio.



We’ll work with each employee to get their best look. 



Consistent employee headshots will build trust with potential customers. 



What should my employees wear?

I can help. Have your employees bring their favorite clothes with them, I’ll help them choose the one that compliments them the best.

I’ll also arrange for one of our professional hair stylists and makeup artists who are experienced in helping clients get their best look on camera.

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Norman Jaillet


I love taking pictures of faces. 

During my time as a Purchasing Executive, I spent three years working as an ex-pat in Singapore. With my daughters hand-me-down camera in tow, I started taking pictures. But it wasn't the breathtaking scenery that captured my attention, it was the faces of the people.

Upon arrival back in Boston, I decided to establish a new career as a headshot photographer. So I studied studio lighting, facial expressions, and developed relationships with exceptional headshot photographers. 

Often, my clients come in camera-shy and self-conscious. After a few minutes in the studio, the camera disappears and all that remains is a stunning, natural moment in time—the facial expressions that make you likable, approachable, and trustworthy. 

Wherever you want to go in life, let me help you get there with a headshot that showcases who you are and where you're going.