Headshots on a Resume?

Absolutely! But only in some parts of the world.

When I lived in Singapore for a couple of years, building a team, I always found it strange that resumes contained a picture of the applicant which is typical in Asian countries. Indeed some were much better than others. Did it influence whether or not we asked them to come in for an interview? With some people it sure did. “They look smart,” “They look like a nice person,” “ They look ….”

Did the headshot match up with the applicant’s resume? Some did, some didn’t.

And sometimes, the person who showed up didn’t look like the person on the resume.

“That’s why it’s important to be current with your headshot images,” said my good friend Dan.

Meeting someone on LinkedIn, FB, Dating apps is your first shot. Will you recognize them when you meet face to face? A current headshot is a must in this day and age. Having a great business and professional headshots allow a connection made over the internet to play out. Usually with a solid start! Let's get started with yours.