Headshot on a Resume Part Deux

So is it necessary to have a headshot on your resume? For an actor/actress, it most certainly is!

That image is your business card. Your resume on the back contains all your acting achievements to date but put yourself in the casting directors shoes.

They’re looking for a “fit.” Whether it’s a leading or supporting role, they’re reaching for that particular ingredient that says “look at me.” We’re captivated typically by an attribute that person(actor) conveys. “It’s a little bit fantasy, little bit real raw life,” says Richard. Conveyance of a look that the casting director seeks within their vision and how it plays out on the big stage or screen.

Acting headshots can vary. Typically actors have several images in their arsenal. Where it’s New York or Los Angeles style, it doesn’t usually matter. What’s your next play? Your next movie? It would be best if you were ready with a purposeful and outstanding actor headshot. Don’t trust that image with a non-pro; it makes no sense. When the client continuously tells me they’re getting callbacks based on the strength of a headshot that I did, I feel like I made the stage too! Well, I’ll take credit!