I was in the hospital recently ...

… to take care of a lingering issue. All good all better.

However, while I was in there, whenever a Doctor’s name came up, I would quickly Google their name to see who they were and what was their reputation. Now, sometimes you need to take a review with a grain of salt, but for the most part, they’re pretty accurate.


However, looking at their profile pics ….. yes, I got nervous. Really nervous. Does this person know what they’re doing? “Nothing loses more confidence in someone by having a poor headshot," said friend Lori Linstruth. Their mages had seen better years, and most were unfocused absent of having that confidence, I will take care of you, look! This is indeed not reflective of their training and expertise so why have your patients receive a guess on what they’re getting. You medical professionals that are reading this, when you want something done right, you don’t see a generalist, you see a specialist. Moreover, I am that person. See the Doctor of Headshots, and you’ll know why!