Words Create Imagery

Ever read a great book where the writing was so explicit that you couldn’t help but see an image in your mind's eye. It opens the imagination to other worlds, worlds unseen and seen. I think of JR Tolkien or Shakespeare and Steven King how 4 written pages by the world’s most celebrated authors could focus on one object and understand far more than what our minds see. It’s amazing!


However, images create words, don’t they? You see something, and you describe it. Have several friends describe something, and we all may see something different. It’s the appearance of something, or someone that leaves an impression; sloppy, disheveled, well-groomed, expert … and on and on. Your image creates words in someone’s mind. “When one invests in having an image created by an expert photographer, meet early to go over the finer details,” says my good friend Claudia. I get it. Setup the experience for success, your headshot preparation is an essential precursor to the main event.