What Does Your Headshot Smell Like?

“My headshot is a scratch and sniff, it smells like failure and onions.” This was quoted by the actor Zach Galifianakis! I’m pretty sure it was meant in jest …. I’m sure it was! I’m just glad he didn’t say liver and onions!

Scratch and sniff, perfume and cologne swatches. You know whether or not you like it or not. Can we apply it to headshots really? Sure we can.

Well I know we’ll never truly have the ability to have a “sniff” test but your image does send a message to potential employers, partners, casting agents, maybe a future date ?

As my Canadian colleague Mathieu Deslandes said about a headshot we looked at: “Ce sont les dégoûtants avec du fromage.” (These are the disgusting ones with cheese!) That was descriptive!

 We could come up with a bunch of analogies to describe someone’s headshot:

 Rainbows and puppies

Success and winning

Confident and competent

Uncertain and unpredictable

Likeable and personable

Friendly and helpful

Professional and motivated

Grumpy and ….. grumpier?

 Try it with your peers. See what they have to say about what your image projects.

 And if you need an opinion? Let me know! In any event let’s fix it.

Norman Jaillet