PAS - What it is and how to treat it!

So I want to speak to you today about an affliction that many people have. It’s called PAS or Picture Avoidance Syndrome. Do you hate having your picture taken? I’ve had several people in front of my camera tell me they’re just not photogenic. That’s sad. But guess what? I genuinely believe everyone is! You need to leave it to a professional to relax you, provide you with confidence and coach you through the process. And review in real time! I’ve had all kinds of face and body types in front of me. And they always leave with a much better impression of themselves than when they first walked in.

My friend Mary said it best “leave your care to a true professional and the results will speak for themselves.”

Isn’t that true with anything? We rely on experts to help show us the way. People who are trained in their discipline and who continue to learn stay at the forefront of their technology.

Leave your image in the hands of a trusted professional. The best headshots in the Boston area!